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The role of water in maintaining the well being of the earth and its inhabitants cannot be over emphasized. The current growth in world population would inevitably lead to an increased demand for water in food production, domestic and industrial purposes. Governments and agencies tasked with managing this resource are therefore faced with the challenge of water allocation for various uses. Our water resource management business core aim is to assist our clients to respond to these challenges.

Integrated water resource management (IWRM) is a process that encourages the promotion and coordinated management of water, land and associated resources in order to maximize economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems.

Suiş Proje provides assistance for water resources issues including catchment management for water supply, irrigation water needs, hydropower schemes, flood and erosion control and protection of aquatic systems for wildlife. We have experience of providing our clients with efficient and sustainable solutions to water resources issues that are focused at optimising natural flows in rivers and groundwater sources to meet the various competing needs for water.

For more than 55 years, SUİŞ PROJE has been offering its know-how and experience to decision-makers in order to help them develop their water strategy at basin level and assisting them with the optimisation of water resource management by balancing human development, risk management and protection of natural environments.


Our activities

· Diagnosis of resource and use of water

· Measurements and assessment of ground water, surface water and human activities

· Assessment of climate change impact

· Modelling of hydrosystems and strategies of resource allocation

· Environmental data management

· Measurements & monitoring of watershed data (polluted sites, hydrobiology, water environments)

· Information Systems & data management

· Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

· Software & IT tools for decision-making Institutional support & strengthening

· Trend scenario, strategic action plan

· Water governance / support to water basin agencies

· Capacity building

· Stakeholder consultations

Hydrological Planning

· Management of Drainage Basin Resources

· Feasibility and planning of Water Supplies and Drainage

· Water Framework Directive Studies

· Hydrological mathematical models


· Evaluation of Groundwater Bodies

· Hydrogeological studies

· Mathematical modelling

Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are now evident and are observed in most parts of the world. Climate models are predicting even more pronounced changes for the 21st century. Climate change affects all parts of the water cycle and is therefore a fundamental consideration in modern water resources planning.

We quantify climate change and its impacts on water resources for specific regions and locations by analysing the latest climate projections, and by coupling climate model data with hydrological models. We also assess the uncertainties in the projections of climate change and climate change impact.

Our services cover the following areas:

· Analysis of climate variability and long-term trends

· Extraction, downscaling and bias correction of climate projections from the most recent global and regional climate models.

· Analysis and modelling of climate change impact on water resources availability

· Analysis and modelling of climate change impact on hydropower generation

· Climate change adaptation and resilience studies for water management and hydropower

· Development of decision support systems and operational forecasting systems facilitating robust decision making under uncertain climatic conditions

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