Since 1965

uşak banaz gökkaya dam project

Project Location

Uşak, Turkey


State Hydraulic Works (DSI) Department of Dams and HPP

Project Description

Detailed design of Gökkaya Dam, located in Uşak Province of West Anatolian Region of Turkey.

Gökkaya Dam                                             
Height: 59.30 m (from thalweg), 75.30 m (from foundation)
Type: Clay Core Rock Fill Dam  
Dam Body Volume: 1.271.000 m³  
Reservoir Volume: 4.36 hm³ 
Purpose: Potable water supply for Uşak City

Provided Services

  • Revision of Hydrological studies, alternative dam type studies;
  • Geotechnical studies covering drilling holes and in-situ tests on dam site, seismicity studies, natural construction materials survey, determination of borrow area;
  • Detailed design of dam body, spillway, diversion system, roads
  • Preparation of quantity and cost estimates, technical specifications


Musa Çetinkaya

Musa Çetinkaya 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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