Since 1965

samur-apsheron ırrigation system & water supply to baku & sumgait , azerbaijan

Project Location

Baku - Sumgait, Azerbaijan



Project Description

It comprises upgrading existing 184 km main canal in Samur-Apsheron system, construction of 157 km new canal, renovation and/or reconstruction of Gilgilçay (150 hm³) and Tahtaköprü (220 hm³) dams and 7 diversion weirs, Tahtaköprü hydropower plant (27000 kW) and new intake structure from Samur River to increase water supply capacity from 55 m³/s to 115 m³/s, raising the crest elevation of Ceyranbatan Dam to increase storage capacity by 20 hm³ and eventually, increasing the irrigation capacity of agricultural land within the system from existing 149,000 ha to 184,000 ha and amount of potable water supplied to Baku and Sumgait cities from the present 12 m³/s to 22 m³/s.


Provided Services

Determination of groundwater storage capacity of the plain
Planning studies and preliminary designs for main canal, irrigation network, wells and energy transmission lines
Quantity and cost estimates
Aalternative studies
Economic evaluation of the project.


Musa Çetinkaya

Musa Çetinkaya 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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