Since 1965

evaluation of state hydraulic works ırrigation schemes (financed by eıb)

Project Location

İzmir - Çanakkale - Sivas - Tokat, Turkey


GFA Terra Systems

Project Description

EIB has selected four potential schemes to be included in an investment programme, and State Hydraulic Works (DSI) has elaborated preliminary financial and economic studies for these schemes. The designation and expected net irrigated area of the four schemes are : Bakirçay- Kinik  16,000 ha, Biga Tasoluk 8,200 ha, Ulas Karacalar 3,800 ha and Güzelce 3,400 ha. Whereas Bakirçay- Kinik is located near Izmir and Biga Tasoluk close to Canakkale (West Anatolia), Ulas Karacalar is situated near Sivas and Güzelce near Tokat (East Anatolia). 

Before funding is committed by EIB, an Environmental Impact Assessment as well as a Technical Revision and an updated Economic and Financial Analysis are needed to be undertaken for all four proposed schemes whereas the technical feasibility and the economic viability of the schemes have to be investigated aiming to update and complement the previous studies outcomes.

Provided Services

Assistance of environmental review of the four proposed schemes
Review of technical aspects of the project in view of availability of water, flow regime, water quality, appropriateness of selected irrigation systems for implementation but also for regular operation and maintenance through the beneficiaries
Review and update of the investment cost for the schemes as basis for the project cost determination
Review and assessment of operation and maintenance costs (annual O&M costs as well as replacement costs throughout the project economic life span)
Assistance in financial and economic analysis of the schemes
Assistance in overall assessment of the schemes;
Assistance in elaboration of draft and final environmental review reports
Agricultural Economy
Assistance in farming systems analysis and analysis (gross margins of major crops) of farm household situation in without and with project situation
Assistance in reviewing of current and future cropping patterns the latter based on the agronomical conditions in the area;
Assistance in review and analysis of farmers’ interest and qualifications/skills coping with the proposed (optimal) cropping pattern
Estimations of total available workforce, availability and quality of extension service
Assistance in assessment of farmers’ financial capacity to pay proposed water tariff considering O& M costs and other relevant costs;
Assistance in analysis of existing and future market (supply, demand, prices – international/ domestic) outlook for the additional production, which results from the completion of the project and introduction of irrigated agriculture
Assistance in review of marketing situation for fresh produce as well as for processed agricultural products
Assistance in analysis of major agro-processors capacity to process the projects’ output
Assistance in review of agricultural input supply and its efficiency and effectiveness
Assistance in financial and economic analysis
Assistance in conducting sensitivity and risk analysis
Assistance in elaboration of draft and final feasibility evaluation reports


Kerim Orhon

Kerim Orhon 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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