Since 1965

environmental protection project for water resources of diyarbakır city

Project Location

Diyarbakır, Turkey


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) - The Water Supply and Sewerage Department

Project Description

Investigation of polluting factors in the drainage area of Devegeçidi and Dicle dams which are designed to supply water for Diyarbakir City (most crowded settlement in Southeastern Anatolia) and preparation of final designs of facilities to stop industrial, agricultural and oil based polluters. 

In order to find out the optimum solution of the water supply from the reliable sources to meet the long term domestic and industrial water requirement of the city of Diyarbakir, a series of studies were performed by DSI in the past 10 years. The aim of this study, is to prepare the environmental protection projects of the water resources proposed in these studies. Drainage areas of Devegeçidi dam as well as drainage area of the Dicle dam due to diversion of water from Dicle dam to Devegeçidi dam are selected as the project area of the environmental studies.


Provided Services

Investigation and indication of the pollution sources within the Devegeçidi dam drainage area
Investigation and indication of the pollution sources within the Dicle dam drainage area
Performing operation studies of the Devegeçidi reservoir using latest stream records, in order to find out the amount of water can be allocated to the Diyarbakir city to meet municipal water demand and examining part of the future demand that can not be meet by Devegeçidi reservoir
Determination of  locations of pollution sources according to the results of water quality test
Determination of existing raw water quality
Creation of protection areas
Developing measures to prevent the pollution of water resources
Design of installations in order to prevent the pollution originating from the water use of communities, industry, agriculture and oil wells.


Musa Çetinkaya

Musa Çetinkaya 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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