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energy sector technical assistance project - consulting services for energy efficiency in power generation

Project Location

Samsun, Mersin, Sivas, Çorum, Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Diyarbakır, Adana, Muş, Osmaniye,  Kırıkkale – TURKEY


Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Project Description

The project’s objective is to assess EE improvement in selected EÜAŞ (Government’s Energy Production Company) Hydro Power Plants (HPP) via measuring and evaluation time-dependent performance deteriorations of turbines and HPP’s primary/auxiliary equipment and to define the scope of necessary rehabilitation works within a feasibility study including cost estimates.
The project provides data about the detailed condition of the equipment, real performance of the HPP units and opportunities for both efficiency improvement and capacity increase with a view to optimize plant operation. Based on the provided data MENR/EÜAŞ will develop rehabilitation projects if considered feasible. Efficiency improvement will allow EÜAŞ to decrease specific water consumption (amount of water used for generating 1 kWh) and to conduct a reliable and optimized operation. 
The project covers to perform energy efficiency analysis for hydro power plants (HPP). Turbine efficiency measurement system to be installed within this scope is expected to be a supplementary system for HPPs management to collect, store, illustrate and report noteworthy energy efficiency data and information prior to rehabilitation decision. The turbine efficiency measurement system shall run independent from HPPs control systems and should not intervene in power plant’s control system. 

The final product of the project is the feasibility reports (with cost effectiveness, project schedule, and estimated total cost, preferably with alternative options to offer an economic comparison) defining the scope of rehabilitation works for optimizing operations and efficiency of selected HPPs.

Provided Services

Evaluation and Installation of Measurement Devices 
Condition assessment of main and auxiliary equipment 
Turbine efficiency analysis 
Monitoring, assessment and energy efficiency audit report 
Feasibility report

For 22 selected huge HPP’s listed below, which are being operated by public energy company EÜAŞ with a total installed capacity over 8.000 MW. 

These HPPs are: Altınkaya (702 MW), Hasan Uğurlu (500 MW), Gezende (159,375 MW), Kılıçkaya (120 MW), Obruk (210,8 MW), Karkamış (189 MW), Suat Uğurlu (69 MW), Sır (283,5 MW), Batman (198,475 MW), Çatalan (168,9 MW), Alpaslan-1 (160 MW), Aslantaş (138 MW), Dicle (110 MW), Kapulukaya (54 MW), Keban (1330 MW), Hirfanlı (128), Özlüce (170 MW), Kralkızı (94,5 MW), Atatürk (2405 MW), Seyhan-1 (60 MW), Berke (510 MW), Akköprü (230 MW)


Mehmet Akın Çetinkaya

Mehmet Akın Çetinkaya

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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