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Every year, disasters related to meteorological, hydrological and climate hazards cause significant loss of life, and set back economic and social development by years, if not decades.

Around 200 million people are affected every year by extreme natural events such as earthquakes, severe storms, prolonged droughts and heavy flooding. More and more people, infrastructure and assets are located in densely populated and increasingly vulnerable areas. However, with the rapid development of urban areas and economic zones, little account is taken of disaster risks.

Disaster Risk Management is the application of disaster risk reduction policies and strategies, to prevent new disaster risks, reduce existing disaster risks, and manage residual risks, contributing to the strengthening of resilience and reduction of losses. In the technical sense, it is defined through the combination of three terms: hazard, exposure and vulnerability.


In the past 35 years, 86 percent of the total economic damage of natural disasters has been caused by storms and floods. The economic damage of floods has grown exponentially in the past decades.

SUİŞ PROJE is a pioneer in the detailed mathematical modelling of river floods and has designed innumerable protection schemes. We are also specialised in assessing and reducing the vulnerability of public and private property and implementing structural and non-structural risk-reduction measures, concerning critically important urban areas and industrial sites in particular.

SUİŞ PROJE is frequently involved in the drawing up of flood risk assessments, prevention and disaster contingency plans and cost-benefit analyses of risk reduction measures. We also help to set up flood warning, flood forecasting, alarm and crisis management systems as well as resilience measures in urban areas.

Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is a reality that must now be taken into account in designing or rehabilitating every sensitive scheme, in evaluating water resources at a regional or local scale and in managing flood risks. SUİŞ PROJE has specialist teams able to assess the impact of climate change on various natural environments, propose adaptation strategies and accompany them with a pertinent economic analysis.

Our activities

   · River engineering & flood risk management

   ·  Flood forecasting, early warning systems, risk mapping & development of decision support systems

   · Climate change, vulnerability, multi-hazard risk assessment and management plans

   · Numerical & Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling

   · River basin management and restoration

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