Since 1965


Design of dams and large hydraulic structures made a significant contribution to SUİŞ PROJE’s reputation. Wegained these skills through working on all types of structure (arch, concrete gravity, RCC, rockfill and earth dams) and the associated facilities (flood spillways, siphons, tunnels, feed chambers and stilling basins).

We are skilled in optimising reservoir storage schemes both technically and economically for specific purposes. Our vast experience allows us to define the most applicable hydraulic system with associated structures and to develop an optimal concept in regards to underground structures such as tunnels, shafts, powerhouse caverns and access structures.

The high quality of our services based on experience and special attention towards operational needs during the design phases has often been recognised by our clients. This results for sustainable projects, meeting the technical, operational and economical expectations. We provide our clients added value and sustainable solutions for their investments.


Our activities

 · Hydrological optimization

 · Hydraulic analysis

 · Geological investigations

 · Weir and dam type studies

 · Design of construction pits and diversion concepts

 · Construction scheduling and optimization

 · Operation and maintenance concepts

 · Financial calculations

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