Since 1965

ankara bayındır basin plan

Project Location

Ankara, Turkey


5th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, Ankara

Project Description

The scope of the work covers revision of hydrological studies in Bayindir Basin, analysis of water samples taken from the reservoir, determination of surface and ground water potential of the basin, operation studies of Bayindir dam reservoir due to flood protection, determination of special conditions of protected area around the reservoir, flood risk analysis, land expropriation studies, determination of measures for rehabilitation of existing treatment plant (30.000 m³/day – 1250 m³/hr).

Provided Services

Hydrologic investigations, calculations
Reservoir operation studies
Flood risk analysis 
Land Expropriation Planning Report (1:5000 scale maps) 
Rehabilitation measures and cost analysis for treatment plantMW), Berke (510 MW), Akköprü (230 MW)


Musa Çetinkaya

Musa Çetinkaya

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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