Since 1965

adıyaman water supply project

Project Location

Adıyaman, Turkey


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) - The Water Supply Department

Project Description

The project covers feasibility, design and tender documentation of water supply scheme for Adiyaman city with 627 000 target population for year 2050: 
- Intake structures for five springs with a total capacity of 1100 lt/s  
- Water transmission line from the springs to Main Reservoir (Q = 1100 I/s, L = 34800 m, Ø1000 mm steel pipe), 
- Tunnel (Q = 1100 I/s, L = 600 m, D=3.00 m horseshoe cross-section)
- Conduit under Kocali dam reservoir (Q = 1100 I/s, L = 300 m)
- Main reservoir (15 000 m³ capacity).

Provided Services

- Feasibility studies covering population projections, determination of potable water demand for year 2050 and new water resources from surface water and groundwater; 
- Geological and topographical field surveys; 
- Detailed / construction designs of transmission lines, tunnel, reservoir;
- Preparation of tender documents for unit-price tendering (FIDIC Red Book)pump stations


Musa Çetinkaya

Musa Çetinkaya 

Civil Engineer M.Sc.

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